The financial firm reached out to NGP with one mission…Help us announce our moving to Austin in style. The BA, who will be opening an Austin branch in 2017 wanted to throw a huge party for some already hired local staff, over 100 national employees, and a few Austin friends they had already made—including Mayor Adler.


They chose The Boiler Room for their launch party because the upper deck had old school view finders pointing at their soon-to-be-finished office tower. NGP was asked to help them show off the new spot from the vantage point of the view finders. It was agreed that we would hang a BA banner on the 16th floor—where the new offices would be located and light the banner to be visible from the restaurant deck view finder 3 blocks away. NGP handled the communication with the developer, commercial leasing office, and construction crew to make this happen. Including a hard hat training course!


IT WORKED! This was a crazy challenge for NGP and we had no idea if we were going to pull it off. Dana Cook from BA was beyond impressed. They invited us to the launch event as honored guests.