Round 1

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Round 2: Beach Blanket Cabaret

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Round 3: Honky Tonk Cabaret

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Round 3 Promo Video

About our Cabaret Series…

While daydreaming in the desert last year, the NGP team searched for their next creative venture. With a desire to refresh something old, mixed with our love of site-specific work, injected with the need for pure entertainment to coat our current world nerves, and all wrapped up with the love of a good cocktail in a cozy setting… A CABARET series was born. Over the next year we will be presenting multiple Cabaret performances in an effort to explore fresh voices and different musical stylings. Each round will materialize in its own one-time-only nightclub in the most interesting of spaces in Austin and the surrounding area. Natalie George was honored to be named the Best Out-There Producer-Designer by the Austin Chronicle Critics’ Pick Best of 2017 and hopes to continue creating art and performance in all the nooks and crannies of Austin.

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