Satanic Panic Puzzle Room

CLIENT: Alamo Drafthouse & Bottleneck Immersive

As part of FantasticFest, NGP transformed a karaoke room at The Highball into a satanic puzzle room, alongside lead puzzle designer Dylan Reiff. Elements included a bloody torso with hidden compartments, a custom metal cage, a painted wall with satanic script, elaborate robes, and game play installed in pre-built furniture. NGP built this diabolical experience in 10 days, and it ran for 6 weeks to sold-out crowds!

Traveling Merchandise Exhibit

CLIENT: Yoga with Adriene’s “Find What Feels Good Road Show”

Internet sensation, Yoga With Adriene, requested a lightweight, adjustable merchandise sales exhibit for each stop on the “Find What Feels Good” international tour. NGP designed and built a traveling booth that included a custom neon sign and collapsible merchandise display. NGP also managed and designed production for the Austin leg of the tour at Fair Market event space.


Video Art Installation

CLIENT: Shudder, AMC’s exclusive horror streaming channel

Shudder’s film, Sadako vs. Kayako, was screened at FantasticFest and Beyond Fest. The client wanted to promote the film by hiring directors to create their own version of the cursed tape from Ringu (The Ring). They hired NGP to build and install a lobby display in the theaters, playing the original cursed tapes off of old CRT TVs. The installation became a trending topic on Twitter!

Glow Party Night Club

CLIENT: Round Rock High School

NGP converted Round Rock High School gymnasium into a glow party nightclub for their Homecoming. The students experienced a rave-like atmosphere with a live DJ, neon-painted décor, black and glow lighting, and smoke effects. Team NGP ran the show live to emulate the look and liveliness of real late-night club experience (without the alcohol, of course!)


Catwoman’s Apartment Photo Booth

CLIENT: Mondo Tees

Batman Returns was the theme of Mondo Tees’ MondoCon 2017, and the clients wanted an inspiring photo booth matching that motif. NGP designed and built a feline-centric mock up of Selina Kyle’s apartment (Catwoman’s secret identity) at the Austin American Statesman building in downtown Austin. MondoCon is a festival celebrating artists and creators from around the world.