NGP rises to the occasion.

We can bring your vision to life, or if you are unsure of your wants and needs, we can offer guidance. If you want to be completely “hands off”, we will take the reigns! Do you already have vendors or a venue in place? We can work collaboratively with them to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Founder and Executive Director, Natalie George, describes her process in this Q&A:

What drew you to events?

Events are the intersection of show business and merriment. They are typically joyous occasions, whether it’s a wedding, surprise party, awards show, or bachelorette party, and NGP is about creating and spreading joy just as much as the organization and logistics. I have worked in theater my entire life, and like events, theater is about making the audience feel a certain way and have an experience together. I wanted to combine my passions and take my creative skills outside the theater walls.

What makes you tick as a designer, producer, and artist?

My background is in theatrical lighting design, and my eye is drawn to light, color, pattern and shadows. Lighting can be used to make a space more vibrant, modify architecture, heighten color, or draw attention to something specific. I also enjoy transforming a raw space into a gorgeous event or experience. Sometimes we create a unique or unrecognizable world on stage or at a venue, and sometimes there is beauty in the simplicity.

How do you approach a project?

I approach each project with fresh eyes and a listening ear. I begin by asking a client what his or her goals are, and work from there. Who are the main players? What is most important to them? What are the “must haves” versus the “can live with outs”? With that information, I can begin to shape the event through the lens of an artist and designer.

How do you interact with clients?

Interaction is unique for each client. I welcome collaboration, but I can also run the show if a client wants to be hands-off. If the client prefers to interact daily, great! If they would prefer a status update once a week, no problem! It is important to me that each client be stress-free and can relax knowing that their project is in the best possible hands.

How is NGP different?

Customer service is our top priority. We are here for YOU, and we make you look like a hero. We bring a sense of theatricality and adventure to everything we do, and our team is fast, efficient, detail-oriented and resourceful. Every company says they do things differently, but we walk the walk!