Everyone says they do things differently, we actually do. So, in order to give you some insight to what it’s like to work with us, here are some FAQ’s answered by the boss herself, Natalie George.

Why did you start doing events?

I like the intersection of producing a show and providing someone joy. I have been making theater and performances my entire life. I am no stranger to creating a unique world on a stage. I have acted, built sets, designed lights, directed, danced, sold concessions, and produced. Just about everything except costumes! 😉 I love being from the creative world, but I wanted to take these skills outside of the theater walls. I noticed that most events were joyous occasions, from weddings to surprise parties, and award shows there was this sense that most events were about creating joy. This was something I wanted to be a part of.

What makes you tick as a designer, producer, artist, etc?
Well my first true love is with lighting design. I see light, color, pattern, and shadows most of all. I like making the world more vibrant with color. With light I can pop out architecture, heighten color of nature, or focus someone’s attention. Other than light, I like the details. I really focus on the room or area the most. I think it is important to have good flow at an event. And you must work with what you have. Too many events are stuck in the wrong places with pipe and drapes trying to cover up what they don’t want you to see. I want to help the client find the right place that we don’t need to hide.
How do you approach a client project?
I approach every project with fresh eyes. I try to bring my theatrical background into every event that I produce, so that we can shape the experience of the event through the lens of a performance. Every event has an inherent amount of theatricality anyways, we just find the best ways to highlight what will already be present. I look to find the story that is being told. See who the main characters are and what themes are most important to them.
How do you interface with clients when working on their projects?
I let each client dictate how this is handled. I like collaboration a lot, but I can also run the show when a client wants to be totally hands off. I want them to know that I got this, and there is no need to worry about a thing. I also want them to feel as involved in the process as they would like to be.
What truly makes you different from working with other companies?

I’d like to think it’s our sense of space and adventure. We really strive to bring a fresh new perspective to each project. From concept to location to presentation to design scheme all the way through the clean up after the whole thing is through, we want to make ideas and concepts pop out at events; and make sure people feel the experience of the event instead of just attending it.