Amanda Oudt and her husband wanted to throw an adult Halloween party. They hired NGP not just to light the party, but to create an unforgettable experience.


The party invitations for the Spooked Oudt Halloween party featured dripping blood all over the invite. Amanda was clear she wanted spooky, not cutesy. NGP took that to heart and projected blood dripping down the front of the house. Additional projections included skulls on the garage door and dancing fire on the side of the house. Green and purple lights pulsed in the backyard creating an eerie effect on the fence and outlining trees. Inside we lit a dance floor and DJ, added flicker flame bulbs to chandeliers, used black lights and strobes down hallways, and created floating apparitions.


The Oudt family was thrilled with the work we did. The blood dripping on the front of the house was the talk of the party. We look forward to working with them again this coming Halloween.