11:11 Dance Series

A Jennifer Sherburn/NGP co-production, 11:11 consisted of 11 dance productions presented over 11 months. Each production showcased at least 2 pieces- one choreographed by Sherburn, the other(s) by a rotating cast of other choreographers or dance troupes. This truly homegrown collaboration brought together an impressive number of artists, as well as benefactors and patrons of the arts.

All of the venues used for the project were what you might think of as non-traditional. From a restaurant in between renovations to the back of a furniture warehouse, a co-working space used after hours to an outdoor sculpture gallery- 11:11 happened all across Austin. NGP provided each venue with the unique logistical support it needed to be an inviting and comfortable space for the audience to enjoy the performances, including hiring Stage Managers and Box Office Staff for each round. Natalie George also served as the Resident Lighting Designer for the project as well as consulting on the overall design of each installment.

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