NGPresents: A Cabaret!

In the summer of 2017 the NGP team took a trip to daydream in the desert and search for our next creative venture. Feeling the communal stress of the current world climate, we wanted to provide an outlet for our community to escape into a night of genuine entertainment while simultaneously indulging our love of site specific work. And so our cabaret series was born.

In many ways, the series is our love letter to Austin; to the beautiful people and places that make this city so magical. We are continually blown away with the talent we meet and want to share these fantastic artists with as many people as possible.

This series asks each artist the question, “What have you always wanted to sing, but never had the platform for?” It’s easy to let your imagination run wild when it is just for one night. Austin is full of bands and music venues, but we want to make this experience unique not only for the audience but also for the artist.

Veronica Williams, a beautifully trained Opera singer was able to combine both of her passions - Opera and Reggae in one set. Alex Marrero traveled back to his youth and sang the Boleros from Cuba and Mexico, sharing with the audience the stories of his family and their impact on his life.

Our Cabarets are a place to explore and express the parts of yourself that might never get the chance to shine. NGP wants to be the one holding the spotlight!

Each round materializes in its own one-time-only nightclub in the most interesting of spaces in Austin and showcases the diverse vocal stylings of the city. A nod to the saloons, cafes, and lounges of the past, we seek to create places that could exist anywhere in space or time, places where people can check their outside worries at the door and enjoy a night like no other.

Virtual Cabaret Content

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