NGP Cabaret Series

It was the Summer of 2017 and the NGP team was on a quest to find our next creative venture. Still reeling from recent political events, we realized that if we needed an outlet to escape, that our community might need one as well. We took this desire to provide a night of genuine entertainment, combined it with our love of site specific work, and our Cabaret Series was born.

In many ways, the series is our love letter to Austin; to the beautiful people and places that make this city so magical. We strive to create a space equally extravagant for both the artist and the audience member, starting with the venue. A nod to the saloons, cafes, and lounges of the past, we seek to create places that could exist anywhere in space or time, places where people can check their outside worries at the door and enjoy a night like no other. Each round materializes in its own ephemeral nightclub, with carefully curated refreshments and decor.

It is no secret that Austin is home to some phenomenal musicians but our Cabarets give them a platform unlike any other. The series gives each artist a blank slate to showcase themselves however they’d like... for just one set. It asks them, “What have you always wanted to sing, but never had the platform for?” Veronica Williams beautifully combined her passion for both Opera and Reggae in a one of a kind set at a Cabaret in Season 1. At another in Season 2, Alex Marrero took us on a musical journey of his youth, singing Boleros from Mexico and Cuba interspersed with stories of his family and their impact on his life.

Who knows what surprises are ahead in Season 3…
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