Gold n' George...

When Natalie George and Heloise Gold first worked together in 2012, an artistic collaboration was set into motion the likes of which this town has never seen. A duet between the two artists, Pretty Bee and Other Translations, was an experiment in breaking the traditional roles of technician, designer, and performer.

Since then the duo have co-produced 5 shows together. NGP handles necessary logistics such as marketing, production, and box office, while Natalie and Heloise find the right collective of performers to explore the topic of the show at hand.

2020 - Bird Bed and Beyond
2019 - Bird Bath and Beyond
2018 - Limited Time Only
2017 - There is No Such Thing as a Single Stripe
2016 - 1000 Forest Gorillas in Kansas, The Remount
2015 - 1000 Forest Gorillas in Kansas
2012 - Pretty Bee and Other Translations

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