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  1. Micah Motenko – “Been Waiting All Day” (Original Song)

    The incredibly talented Micah Motenko sharing an original song at Cabaret 2.3! Be sure to check out his full band and their new single on Spotify and Youtube for a soulfully good time. Location: KC Grey HomeVideo: Eric GrahamEditing: Gabby Rendon (@withlove_gabs21) One more day folks… Our Virtual Cabaret Retrospective premieres TOMORROW, April 12! Click…

  2. Blake Addyson “Rotting Elm” (Original Song)

    What a treat it was to have Blake Addyson (@blakeaddyson) perform at the final show of NGP’s second Cabaret season! Enjoy Blake sharing an incredible original song, “Rotting Elm”, at the Cabaret at Ironwood. Thank you to Colin Lowry (@colinlowry) for beautifully capturing the experience. Keep an eye out for more digital content, as we…

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